(answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How is this different than that factory Service Manual?

A: This CD covers ONLY the periodic maintenance, so the procedures are much easier to find. In addition, there is a list of tools (including wrench sizes), torque and loctite requirements, and fluid specifications at the beginning of each procedure. The CD also covers the Vampire it great detail.

Q: Does this CD cover... early Hummer, late Hummer, gas Hummer, HMMWV, etc.?

A: The differences in periodic maintenance procedures vary only slightly between all of the Hummer / H1 models. I have listed the differences where applicable. The CD does not cover the HMMWV at all, but the majority of the maintenance procedures are the same so most of the manual will apply to them as well. The CD does not cover the H2 at all.

Q: What software is required, and can I print the manual (or portions of it)?

A: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the manual. (Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe for most computer platforms: CLICK HERE). Acrobat Reader allows printing of selected pages, or the entire manual.

Q: Is this CD a replacement for the factory Maintenance CD? Does it cover changing... halfshafts, brake pads, seals, etc.?

A: This CD is not a replacement for the factory manual. It contains information about checking the brakes, but only a little about changing the pads. It covers checking the halfshaft bolts, but not changing the halfshafts. It covers checking for leaks, but not how to change seals.

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