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The HUMMER Network
Since 1996

Mailing Lists


The term "mailing list", as it applies to The Hummer Network (originally the HML for Hummer Mailing List), means a discussion group where the discussions are held via e-mail.

Mailing lists were an early form of Internet communities, pre-dating web forums by many years. A mailing list (aka listserv, listserve or email list) is a list of e-mail addresses of members/subscribers which has its own e-mail address (posting address). Any messages which members send to the mailing list posting address are automatically sent to all the members through mailing list software. Each member receives all messages sent to the mailing list by other members.

The HML has a digest version. The mailing list software compiles messages that go out to the main list until they reach a certain file size, then sends them all out in a single e-mail message as a "digest".


If you would prefer to read/post messages via the web rather than receiving a lot of e-mail (some of these mailing lists are very active), you should consider using the web forum instead. The web forum contains the same messages as the mailing lists in a convenient threaded and searchable format. The web forum and mailing list are tied together in that anything posted to a mailing list is also posted to the web forum and vice-versa. This unique system is provided to give you a choice of format, web or e-mail. You may sign up for both if you like.

Normally, there is no need to join both the main and digest versions. The digests contain the same messages as the main list, but in a different format.

AOL USERS: AOL has never been mailing-list friendly and has recently become even more problematic. AOL rejects a lot of legitimate e-mail as "spam" including mail from from mailing lists. Also, a new policy went into effect in April of 2014 causing any mail sent from an AOL address, but going through a server other than an AOL server, to be rejected by most of the internet. This directly affects mailing lists. AOL users should use the web forum instead of the mailing list.

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Users - These create posting problems because of the odd line-wrap behavior. When quoting a message in a reply, the quoted material starts and stops, stranding single words on lines by themselves. This makes posts containing quotes very messy both on the mailing list and on the forum. The mailing list is not recommended for Outlook users. The forum is much better to ensure that posts containing quotes are formatted correctly both on the forum and mailing list.

If you join any of our mailing lists, please KEEP YOUR COMPUTER FREE OF VIRUSES! A virus will find the list posting address on the infected computer and send itself, a link to an infected web page or spam out to the mailing list. Since it is coming "from" a list member, the list software will distribute it to all list members. Any member becoming infected with a virus will be removed from the list immediately.

If you employ a spam-blocking system that blocks all e-mail which does not come from senders on a list of approved senders, you should not use mailing lists because mail will come to you from a wide variety of senders.

It is recommended that you read this article about posting to mailing lists in the 2010s.

Hummer Network Mailing Lists:

  • The HUMMER Mailing List (HML) - For HUMMER H1 and HMMWV (Humvee) - Main or Digest

    (the H2 and H3 mailing lists have been discontinued)

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NOTE: Main and digest versions contain the same messages, but in
different formats. There is no need to join both the main and digest version.

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